The Four Talons of Mammon

Many scriptures can be difficult to understand and apply. However, the mutual exclusivity of serving God and mammon is not one of them. Jesus was clear: Continue reading

Restoring Honor

Check out the new article by Don Atkin  is is somewhat long but great reading JLB

Question: “What does the Bible say about Christian Tithing?”

Answer: Many Christians struggle with the issue of tithing. In some churches tithing is over-emphasized. At the same time, many Christians refuse to submit to the biblical exhortations about making offerings to the Lord. Tithing/giving is intended to be a joy and a blessing. Sadly, that is sometimes not the case in the church today.

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Ethical Leadership

We’ve seen some high profile ethical failures in the press in recent years. The problems and devastation caused by accounting fraud at the investment company run by Bernard Madoff will not soon be forgotten, nor will the earlier frauds at Enron and Worldcom. People have also raised ethical questions over the welfare of some organizations’ staff and suppliers.
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Americans Are Most Generous, Global Poll Finds

Americans give more to help others than the residents of 152 other countries, according to a new global survey. That’s a big change from last year, when the United States ranked No. 5.

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I Challenge you to take the Mark “K”

As the globalization of the world “amps” up and as the Kingdom of God begins to become a visible reality and need, it has also become necessary for saints in the marketplace to find each other. There are many choices out there and if the Church of our Lord is going to be serious about doing all it can to manifest the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on this earth then we must implement a workable model that will make for quick identification. Continue reading

All my Blessings began with my Giving!

I was recently sharing with a friend that as I looked back at all the unexpected blessings in my life they always followed my giving. Not just any giving but usually some type of sacrificial or unusual giving. I strongly believe some words I found on an image I recently used in this post.”

May the Lord lead you to give you life away in such a way that it opens the windows of heaven over your life!

Jose Bosque

Sunday Afternoon Notes Kingdom Economic Summit Notes 10/2/2011

Prayer Thanking Holy Spirit for His grace upon the morning session

Creator frustrated His own Creation- What is God hoping for in all of this?

Trinity = Is Father, Seed and the Chemistry and now he is after a Woman. That Woman is the bride of Christ. Even the world knows that without the chemistry what you have is date rape. This is what the church has been doing.

Satan doesn’t care if we know about God but he hates us knowing the Father

Testimony of how God spoke to a brother after being diagnosed with 3 terminal illnesses, God told him that God has trusted him with those illnesses for a testimony to others.

Rom 8:28 The Greek says God works together- God is not there saying bring me your mess on the back end but he is on the front end. He is leading in all we go through.

(Deep prayer for deliverance) Entrance that which God has prepared- Deliverance comes by Revelation. Reform our minds not asking for but entering into the finish work and coming into agreement. Delivered by one word “you are Awesome!” We decree His perfected love at work within us. WE thank you for Chemistry today God! We rebuke fear and the torment associated with.

Singing erupts “We are awesome in this place Abba Father. We are awesome in this place mighty God (Repeats)

Authority comes out of identity and favor. We are from the tribe of the FAVORITES. We should be living above sowing and reaping because in the promise land there is only entering into His Inheritance.

After He has given us everything He still has everything to give!

Sin is the author of death- satan comes to rob kill and destroy. There is an opponent we must conquer.

As long as we question God we are separated from His love according to Rom 8:28.

If it’s going to be established on the earth it’s going to be established in hearts

We can be philosophical all day long but we when it’s in our own flesh we need to stare death in the face. Not an information problem it is a will problem. I can start right here!  Who are the poor and the widows we know?

Our inheritance is one another! One weeps we all weep. One rejoices we all rejoice. That takes losing your life. You lose your life when you lose it in other people. Community was everything in the New Testament! We won’t see the manifestation of the sons of God. It is beyond our wildest dreams because it takes the death of all things. Lose yourself in the body. Become unseen leaven so you are not seen and Christ only is seen. We need a transfer beyond a paradigm shift to a whole different planet.

Shame is broken and we can agree what God has placed in us- We need to take our places and rule with Him.

If the contradiction of the cross is not an example of the Kingdom Economy I do not know what is. You cannot escape suffering to inherit our inheritance.

I have come looking for an impartation! I have come looking for liberation! God is sharing us with each other.

God is taking us into a greater revelation of who we are in Him.

Discussion on the definition of Success and the need for a definition

We have decided not to put anything specific on paper because we have all received by impartation being together and sharing together.

Share a covenantal meal together tonight

Break for Dinner.

Sunday Morning Kingdom Economic Summit Notes 10/2/2011

(Prayer) God empty us and give us what is on your heart.

God has called us to be frontrunners and pioneers

ECONOMY Oikos- household & Nomia-rule or process of law

Trust– all economies are based on trust

God’s Economy is Relational- not law or rules

Love– Not superficial friendships based on contact, connections or positions

Need to base it on- Fear of the Lord- Trust what each will share

Father releases us as a son in the house. Money has been arriving not as a form or system but from love and relationships. This is the Father’s House he will encourage & supply. We need to know the character and the nature of the Father.

(Prayer for repentance and intercession) brokenness

Lots of pain in this room- problem of our own misplaced trust

(Prayer for misplaced trust in men and mammon)

There is a principality that wants us to rule in our hearts- We need to declare that this spirit will not rule- Western world – gods of Ruling & Power- name of the beast is Self

 Man’s idea- Because mans nature is what it is we need to establish government to control human nature. Church has same problem if we need to establish structure to control self- Jesus’ plan is to surrender and crucify the flesh by the power of the Spirit.

It has all been done for us- A New Creation is on the earth and it doesn’t have financial problems. We have died and our life is hidden in Him. His presence is always with us. You cannot God and mammon. Mammon is bigger than money!

(Prayer for thankfulness for His Sonship) WE are His instruments for changing the atmosphere. Thank you for our daily death. We speak deliverance over these spirits. (Individual prayer for a brother confessing his sin of finding security in mammon)

(Prayer began again for our maturity. Help us leave the former things)

I am honored to be here as a woman. Women know what it means to be broken and poured out. My husband encouraged me to be free in the Lord. Listen to women. Our children have suffered. I am not into process I am into people and love of God’s family.

Thank God for ministry of the Spirit beyond dialogue.

God wants us to simply return (corrective) to loving His people more than process no matter how pure or doctrinal that is.

God is moving us forward in maturity- We have to move on from adolescence. We must learn to walk in our inheritance. We all need a spiritual bar-mitzvah!

Sons are male and female- We need to accept our responsibility for dominating women.

(Prayer asking forgiveness, not accepting their counsel, they are the crown of your creation. Increase your Glory in your Bride. Restore a healthy motherhood. Fill us for your Agape love. So that sons can be accurately restored. Forgive us as fathers and husbands for being children and violating your order.

(Prayer of restoration for a brother to be healed in his family relationships)

We need to repent as ministry leaders for seeing business leaders as our cash cows.

(Prayer for repentance for holding wrong viewpoints when we see those (businessmen) as cash cows who will finance our vision.) We declare this to be sin and we repent!

(Prayer-We have misrepresented fatherhood and we have misrepresented His nature and character.) We repent for all the damage that has been done through males in all preceding generations. Restore us as true representatives of you our Father. Forgive us for mishandling your children.

We have a bad attitude against everything that represents non organic institutionalism. The spirit of denominationalism is alive and well in many living rooms. Pray that our love would be gentle and kind. We all were here before. Forgive us for our stinking thinking.  Give us a right spirit towards those among the spectrum of maturity.

We have been in denial of the fatherhood of God are present among us in His body. This is not let’s make a deal, multilevel marketing or “ministerial covering and government”

Basis of original sin was an accusation against Father’s goodness. Father put a son on the earth in dominion. First murder is brother to brother concerning worship. How to access the Father is the basis of the first murder.

To everything that is real and true, there will always be counterfeits and perversions. That because we are a person of wealth I have some kind of success is a fallacy. We need to measure the results eternally not carnally.

We have really been dealing with the root and heart issues. We are focused on abiding instead of trying to produce something.

Re-establishing what is Father The love of mammon is a counterfeit. We need to be delivered to the love and provision of the Father. We need to break the orphan culture- We do these things because we don’t know the Father. We must make a decision before we can go any further.

This is sharing life!

Break for lunch!

Saturday Night Kingdom Economy Summit Saturday 10/1/2011

We shared a meal together followed by an opportunity for each participant (20+ brothers & 3 sisters) to share if the wanted what is the passion of their hearts. Here is some of the things said;

I want to encounter placement, transformation and fulfillment in his Body

I want o enjoy the journey

I want to show them who found me.

I want to articulate the heart and mind of Christ & to increase the Kingdom on the earth

I want to see each member of the Body equally valued

I want to bring hope to the next generation

I want to see a unified expression of the Body of Christ

I want to experience intimacy with Jesus- Be a Light so people are drawn to Him

Then we had a dialogue on our expectations and what we felt from the Lord

Some of the comments;

Many shared that they had come to this summit empty of notes like if God had said I just want you to come to listen to what I am going to say through my Body.

God wants to speak collectively to a mixed set of needs

This is a Kairos moment for all in attendance and for the body of Christ

Our financial lack is related to God’s refinement and His provision is related to His will.

There is an appeal from Heaven. Who will be an instrument of His passion?

I had a sense that we were repairers of the breach. There is a price to pay for the proclamation of the truth.

We agreed that removing the division between the secular and the sacred is necessary to reach the marketplace.

There is a sense that there are too many answers as if order brings life which it does not. LIFE brings ORDER

We need to return to the core values more than well –informed mechanics

We need to learn the hard work of resting in God. He has a plan and He is building His Church.

We dismissed to rest as many had traveled from Australia, England