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Financial Shutdown Church AmericaFor years the Church in America has been going off course. The foundations upon which most Christian congregations operate on today are rotten to the core. The Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, has had enough. The Lord’s love now requires Him to act on behalf of His Bride. It is for that reason that the church coffers have begun to dwindle. It comes as no surprise to many.

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A Challenge for “Organic Church” Believers and their Money

tight fistedThe twitching and knee-jerk reactions I get from many (not all) “organic church” believers when the topic of money comes up, reminds me of what the Holy Spirit said to Saul of Tarsus: “It’s hard for you to kick against the pricks.”

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The Law of Spiritual Riches by David Orton

spiritual riches
“The law of spiritual riches is a non-negotiable principle of the kingdom of God. There is an unbreakable connection between our relationship to money and the release of the Spirit. If we have not been faithful in regard to natural wealth, how will God entrust to us spiritual riches?
… ‘Stewardship’ (giving etc) has been domesticated for too long by reducing it to fund-raising for missions or the church. This is not to deny the primary purpose of giving as the support of apostolic ministry for the spread of the gospel. However, for this to happen in such proportions to bring the fullness of the kingdom to earth the invisible and insidious control of Mammon over believers must be exposed. No attempt to raise funds for missions or ministry will achieve world-changing dimensions without the subtle power of Mammon being exposed and broken. It is one of the major principalities ruling the world and the church, blocking a world-transforming move of God. In fact, it is at the root of the church’s chronic spiritual poverty.”
Excerpt from “The Law of Spiritual Riches”

Why I Quit Tithing

TithingNothing like talking about money to stir passions. I was a faithful tither to various institutions for over thirty years. I quit in 2005, and contrary to all the dire threats from mandatory-tithe-preachers, I have not been cursed by God.   Continue reading

Need Help Making a Gift to a Legitimate Not for Profit?

time to giveIt’s always a good time to bless others with what the Lord has blessed us with. There is much need in the World but how do we give responsively? The biggest problem is usually having the time to get to know or (vetting) a Not for Profit who will properly use the funds that we want to give. Nowadays everyone is asking for a handout and it is hard to make up your mind which way to go. Continue reading

What to do with a billion $ Blueprint of a Contemporary Kingdom Expense Sheet

If we define the Kingdom of God as the domain of God’s uncontested rule, then no amount of human ingenuity, creativity, entrepreneurship and connectedness can substitute the core issue: how would Jesus spend his money that is on our accounts if we would not contest it.  

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the difference between begging for money & asking to support a worthy cause and why i’m bad at both.

(This is such a real struggle to all legit ministries as we struggle while the Church is in (Transition/Reformation/Revolution) Blessings, Jose

the difference between begging for money & asking to support a worthy cause and why i’m bad at both.

by kathyescobar

i hate money issues. raised by a single mommy doing the best she could, i started working when i was 13 years old for spending money. in college, i was on mounds of financial aid. i clearly remember my last semester, leaving the financial aid office knowing that was the last time i would have to cry and beg for just a little bit more money to graduate.

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Facing Financial Issues in Faith, TOGETHER

Many are already being financially challenged, and there seems to be little hope on the horizon for things to turn around. The situation is ideal for us to learn how to walk out our faith with respect to community support. Continue reading

Three Questions on Giving

1/ Even a casual reading of I Corinthians 8 & 9 reveals that the purpose of the giving was “ministering to the saints” (not salaries or a building program) Continue reading


[He is] the hard-working farmer [who labors to produce] who must be the first partaker of the fruits.

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