Need Help Making a Gift to a Legitimate Not for Profit?

time to giveIt’s always a good time to bless others with what the Lord has blessed us with. There is much need in the World but how do we give responsively? The biggest problem is usually having the time to get to know or (vetting) a Not for Profit who will properly use the funds that we want to give. Nowadays everyone is asking for a handout and it is hard to make up your mind which way to go.

In my experience I have found that the most legitimate not for profits are not mounting a professional marketing campaign or sending out letters asking for help. Usually they are too busy helping others because they do what they do not for financial reward but because they have a real passion and a burden to help others.

As a rule I have found most of the true gems are helping people overseas. Mind you most of my contacts are American but they are usually connected to a Native person from that country that is doing the hands on work without the usual administrative waste. The truth is no one can help another person better (and cheaper) than those who have been through or are going through the same circumstances.

I prefer to give my money to not for profits that are helping the poor to come up and out of their financial condition by helping them become self sustaining and follow their dreams. You would be surprised how far your gift can go as the one who was helped now turns around and helps another. It is a joy to watch God multiply my gift in the lives of others daily.

Have you been blessed by God in 2014-2015? Are you thankful and do you now feel you would like to invest in the lives of others? I have many contacts that really could use a helping hand from as far as India, China, Africa, Europe, Central and South America. I even know some wonderful leaders doing great things here in the United States. Contact me, tell me what is on your heart and let’s connect to change this World one life at a time. Ministerio Renacer Inc -A 501C(3) since 1987

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Jose Bosque


2 responses to “Need Help Making a Gift to a Legitimate Not for Profit?

  1. Such helpful advice. It can be very difficult to decide the best way to give back. I will keep your tips in mind!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Stay Blessed

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