I Challenge you to take the Mark “K”

As the globalization of the world “amps” up and as the Kingdom of God begins to become a visible reality and need, it has also become necessary for saints in the marketplace to find each other. There are many choices out there and if the Church of our Lord is going to be serious about doing all it can to manifest the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on this earth then we must implement a workable model that will make for quick identification.

Many years ago I advertised in a publication called the “Shepherds Guide”. It was like a local Christian business yellow pages but it did allow non-Christian businesses to publicize. The way they would differentiate between the two was to add a small fish symbol at the bottom right of the banner ad. Those who were Christian businesses could be easily distinguished and you could direct the Lord’s finances in their direction by choosing to patronize them.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. You have found some non-Christians to have more integrity in their business dealings than Christians, so have I. The question here is not to stay in a reactionary mode and accentuate the bad apples among us but to be pro-active and create a model of integrity which we can build upon. Certainly our present model of “outsourcing” the Lord’s resources is not building the Kingdom of God.

We are not advocating entering blindly into negotiations globally because someone has a small “K “on the top right of their Facebook profile picture or their Twitter Image. We are simply creating a way of quick identification that can be used to give initial preference. Of course, this in no way cancels out your usual preparation and procedure that you use before you enter into negotiations with someone.

We know from the Word that in the end times the enemy will demand that we take “his” mark. We need to maintain active discernment concerning marks but the clue here is that there will be a need for marks. It’s easy to see why as the internet has almost erased geography and replaced it with community. Your community today need not be geo-located as relationships are becoming more global via the net and social media.

So here is a sample of what we are advocating. Let’s ad a small K preferably in white or in black if it’s a white background to our profiles and images and let’s just see what the Lord will do with it!

                                                                                                                                 Also see along the same lines    www.unashamedlyethical.com

One response to “I Challenge you to take the Mark “K”

  1. The Kingdom of God is not meat or drink, so why mammon-ize it or apply Catholicity to it, as you will?

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